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Road Clearing, Cleaning, And Marking Equipment - FSC 3825

Pavement Scrubbing Machines; Snow Removal Units; Sweepers; Road Marking Machines; Vacuum Cleaners; Water Distributors; Weed Burners.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Sleeve, Bearing Cone 8760312
Filter-pac 621071
Filter-sleeve 25780
Broom Strip 601427
Broom Strip 27918
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled
Clutch, Drive, Side B DTC9
Bushing, Universal J 30015
Sweeper, Rotary, Towed ES100D
Sweeper, Magnet, Self-propelled MS1266
Bar, Spray 5611-6069
Cleaner, Vacuum, Self-propelled WAJ707
Snowplow, Truck Mounted R0-8ANDW1700-15
Brush Set, Road Sweeper 601736
Distributor, Water, Tank Type W15A4112
Broom, Gutter, Disposable R57437
Marker, Traffic Line MILM19181
Sweeper, Rotary, Towed KGV3830
Snowplow, Truck Mounted MILS82003
Parts Kit, Blower 104427
Housing Assembly 5083-476A1
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled BL
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled BL
Angle, Deflector 102565
Angle, Deflector 102566
Skate, Right Hand 3709594
Chain, Engine Driven ES-163-B
Sleeve And Spring, M S301-01
Cap, Air C301-01
Piston, Leather U322-01
Ring Set, Marker 4425
Unloader Assembly, M 1602X
Distributor, Water, Tank Type
Handle, Lock 100308
Plow, Shoe, Left Hand 2SK299
Plow, Shoe, Right Hand 2SK298
Broom, Side 604593
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Motor 603939
Flap Side, Sweeper 602782
Flap, Side Left 602783
Broom Core Assembly 8760359
Handrail, Aft 2205-4009-02
Cleaner, Vacuum, Self-propelled AS32U33
Blower Assembly, Sweeper 101406
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled BX2
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled BX2
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled H2317-1D1R
Sweeper, Rotary, Self-propelled 240EH
Arm, Spraybar 4820-699A
Blade, Snow Remover 3-2954
Cover, Shifting Moun 31-8461358
Plate, Clamping 31-8461363
Bracket Assy, Cylind 31-8461369
Box Assembly, Battery 31-08960297
Cover Assembly, Battery 31-08960303
Air Duct Assembly 8560596
Brace Assembly, Air Duct 31-8560579
Cover, Chain 31-08760914
Sweeper, Rotary, Self-propelled L2
Shaft Assembly, Blower 333-6
Door Assembly, Nozzle 8560323
Brace Assembly, Broom Cover 8760844
Plate, Locking 8760637
Shaft Assy 08760638
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled MILS52699
Snowplow, Truck Mounted WT2206M0DE
Distributor, Water, Tank Type W15-1256X4G
Snowplow, Truck Mounted WT2206A
Snowplow, Truck Mounted WT2206B
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled WT2206C
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled WT2206D
Sweeper, Rotary, Self-propelled 644
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled
Roller 8518595
Sweeper, Rotary, Self-propelled 240
Retainer, Plate RC8518598
Brace 16156
Shoe, Wear Plat 16012
Shoe 16013
Drive Assembly 16030
Blade, Fan Rotor 10827
Sweeper, Rotary, Self-propelled 86
Ram Assy, Lift Contr 10359
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled W700-15RA
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled W709-15RA
Snow Removal Unit, Self-propelled W1700-15RA
Sweeper, Rotary, Towed SW314
Distributor, Water, Tank Type WD15-125-6X4
Distributor, Water, Tank Type WD15-125-6X4C
Lever, Suction Hood 102708
Seal Assy, Dirt 876083R1
Snowplow ST96
Sweeper, Rotary, Towed ES100
Marker, Traffic Line 20
Cleaner Vacuum, Gasoline Engine D K4
Shaft Assembly 101501
Sweeper, Rotary, Self-propelled 2-973
Roller, Pipe 5612-6109
Bar, Eccentric Locking 703
Snowplow, Truck Mounted 3711PRT

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