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Mining, Rock Drilling, Earth Boring, And Related Equipment - FSC 3820

Augers; Crushers; Crushing, Screening, And Washing Plants And Units; Drilling Machines; Paving Breakers; Rock Drills.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Mast, Well Drilling 151F491
Nut, Front Head Bolt 468CC80
Valve, Drill, Pneumat B15X59
Head Set, Split 66
Rack, Chuck 11019C
Drill, Pneumatic, Sinker WS45
Line Assembly A73-301
Ring, Piston A93-10
Valve, Flapper A7X71
Chuck Jaw, Bit Holding 51X70
Seal, Oil, Inner Bear 10115
Plate, Bumper, Suppor 69096
Parts Kit, Construction Equipment C12003
Drill, Pneumatic, Drifter CM150
Hub, Splined BI-64D47
Propelling Motor As D1649CM150
Propelling Motor As E1649CM150
Motor, Air 9MJ
Wiper, Rod, Drill BH1092
Sleeve, Piston, Drill A429D45
Valve, Rotary, Drill EE5M526A
Disk, Valve D10-62
Drill Rod, Rock Drill TIMKENH
Drill Rod, Rock Drill TIMKENH
Crushing And Screening Unit MIL-C-52921A
Rod, Rocker, Crusher R2773D
Shoe, Tension Grip 2726100
Bit End, Left Hand B254455
Bit End, Right Hand 54454M11
Plate, Clutch, Inner EA1082C
Plate, Clutch, Outer EA1081C
Bit, Pilot FH-205
Tooth, Earth Boring 16SA50
Bit, Earth Boring Ma XHD9
Bit, Earth Boring Ma XHD16
Bit Assembly, Auger XHD24
Blade, Auger 291B27
Blade, Auger 291B28
Blade, Auger EA5269A
Thrust Plate, Earth 150A49
Housing, Eccentric 2190700
Breaker, Paving G60RA
Blade, Rotor, Wagon D 4273A
Jaw, Crusher, Movable 1700-12A
Jaw, Secondary, Crush 1700-13A
Wedge, Jaw, Crusher 1700-14LH
Wedge, Jaw, Crusher 1700-14RH
Plate, Toggle 1700-22B
Wedge, Key, Jaw 1700-45
Piping System, Crushing, Screening MILC13962
Roller, Pan L679
Block, Bumper, Rubber CP5709
Chute, Fine Material 20323
Chute, Rubber 20836
Drive Assembly, Final 16180
Valve Assembly, Cont 17161
Cylinder, Drill Drif 1025D475A
Piston, Pneumatic Dr 178D475
Spool, Drill Assembl RM20-55
Link Assembly, Truck 175430AS
Cylinder Head, Pneum 19095
Cylinder Assembly A19044-8 3-4
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 5230
Yoke, Tower Sprocket X222711A
Jaw, Drifter Chuck 51D475
Hub Assembly 604449ASA
Liner, Gate 9000-192
Cable 11505
Adapter, Pinion Driv 11012
Drive 9891
Yoke, Universal Joint 2-4-223
Cartridge, Relief Valve BL6625K-2
Yoke 16440
Saddle, Collapsible Reel CR2
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 16500
Liner, Auger 16003
Liner, Intermediate Ring, Auger 16835
Shank, Rod, Rock Drill MILD22233BTYPE3
Rail, Vibrating Screen 07-255-570-004
Frame Section, Vibrating Screen 40B3X6
Pilot, Auger Point P-801
Point Blade, Auger 608144
Wedge, Key 509
Crossmember, Feed, Vibrating Scree 40A3X6
Support, Grizzle Bar 26-109-877-502
Crossmember, Vibrating Screen 40C3X6
Cylinder, Compressor 65889
Bar, Rifle C757
Bar, Rifle 58JA45
Coupling, Rod, Rock Drill CL5-1600VA
Pentabit P01
Level Mounting Assembly 11623877
Pad, Brake Wheel H10616A37
Cutter Bit, Dirt Auger 16880
Tooth, Rock 17390
Bit, Rotary Well Drilling 16845
Crushing And Screening Plant WRMME3820-479
Drill, Breaker, Gasol BR52
Flashing, Side WKF002687000
Bell Crank 7005180

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