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Earth Moving And Excavating Equipment - FSC 3805

Scrapers; Ditchers; Loaders; Graders; Special Construction Type Earth And Rock Hauling Trucks And Trailers; Special Individual Work And Power Sections Of Construction Equipment With A Quick Connect/disconnect Capability. The Power Section Is Designed To Be Coupled With A Work Section To Form A Functional Piece Of Construction Equipment.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Parts Kit, Compresso 1P6059
Cutting Edge, Scoop, Loader 4-8875
Blade 923884C1
Ditching Machine 300G
Cutting Edge, Bowl, Scraper 610050
Cutting Edge, Bowl, Scraper VG9051
Routing Bit TF5268
Ball Handle, Red R-9
Cutting Edge, Scoop, Loader DRIDE112
Cutting Edge, Scoop, Loader 9035606
Accumulator, Hydraulic 9207689
Pin Assembly 9245875
Piston, Excavator 12551G
Parts Kit 301
Parts Kit 302
Parts Kit 303
Guide, Arm, Valve Con 12444
Shaft, Control Lever 12557
Housing, Rotor, Hydra 126024
Cutting Edge, Bowl, Scraper 1-4T2305
Cutting Edge, Bowl, Scraper 7J3026
Loader, Scoop Type MILL52496
Lock, Rubber 50T553
Cutting Edge, Scoop, Loader 8865-1005
Cutting Edge, Scoop, Loader 86651006
Excavator, Multipurpose, Truck Mou COMBO34TX
Lock, Tooth 50T530
Coupling, Frame 146964H1
Plate, Port 034-27298
Construction Equipment, Compactor 3-30
Retainer Assembly 9M0817
Panel Assembly 2S772
Wiper, Cylinder, Hydr P28924
Loader, Scoop Type MILL52385
Ditching Machine J36-1
Grader, Road, Motorized MILG804C
Guard, Front And Rear Light 330714R11
Retainer, Grader 9M0815
Cutting Edge, Scoop, Loader 4S-26402
Loader, Belt Type 125-11
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha 194532H1
Body Unloading Valve 145086
Valve Assembly, Control 511558
End Bit, Moldboard 46223
Scraper, Earth Moving, Towed DT3
End Bit, Moldboard IPD298826R1
Housing Assembly, Worm Gear 403213
Cup, Cylinder Hydrau 75H107
Pin And Ring Assembly X2205
Ring Bead Seat X2829
Loader, Scoop Type MILL52522
Support Drawbar 4E21534
Scraper, Moldboard 4E21714
Blade VD2084
Scraper, Earth Moving, Towed CT4
Scraper, Semitractor 270
Loader, Scoop Type, Full Tracked 250
Blade, Loader 390053R1
Bit, Blade, Left Hand 406358
Shank, Grader, Motor 729578
Ditching Machine MIL-D-633
Trailer, Dump
Cylinder, Power 50V176
Ignition Switch 485622
Strap, Ground 485827
Cap, A, Le 724179
Ditching Machine MIL-D-633
Cutting Edge, Scoop, Loader 8665-1224
Edge, Cutting Clam S82717
Loader, Scoop Type TL40D
Truck, Dump PDWRNE3895-311
Point, Tooth 0685436-8
Reservoir LA1157
Cutting Edge, Moldboard BP642
Base, Throttle 407946
Panel Assembly, Rear 192871H1
Extension Guide 19825-5
Parts Kit, Lift Cylinder 73048831
Plunger, Check 513X42
Piston Rod Assembly 3050865-9
Tip, Tooth 5K0053
Loader, Scoop Type H90C
Edge Cutting 6K4661
Edge, Right Hand 4K7255
Edge, Left Hand 4K7256
Edge Cutting 4K7291
Edge, Cutting, Left H 6K3058
Edge Cutting 6K3072
Hose 6K5724
Hose 6K5525
Hose 6K5524
Adjustable Link Tube 406142
Lift Link, Adjustable, L.h. 406086
Adjustable Link Tube 406088
Cutting Edge, Right 6K3057
Cutter, Left Hand 853279
Cutter, Right Hand 8007442
Yoke, Clamp 828-723740
Barrel Assembly E343
Cylinder Guard, Left E358

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