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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Nov 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer, Bearing 137062
Valve Nozzle 137279
Bushing, Special, Car 361642
Block, Filler, Carburetor 363698
Plate Valve, Fuel Control 364122
Spacer, Relief Valve 364172
Bushing, Special, Carburetor 364820
Jet, Metering 390188-43
Jet, Metering 226486N10
Jet, Metering 626655-80
Diaphragm, Valve, Fuel 2644993
Ring, Pump Piston 394881
Lever And Shaft Assembly, Pump 397683
Housing Assembly, Center Regulato 398447
Nut Seal, Fuel Pump TF12923
Impeller, Fuel Pump TF12970
Impeller, Fuel Pump TF27470-2
Ring, Diffuser, Fuel TF28203
Impeller, Fuel Pump TF28270
Impeller, Fuel Pump TF28470-1
Blade, Center Tongue TF113
Adjusting Screw And Washer Assem TF3547
Retainer, Lower, Fuel TF3587
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft TF52300-2
Propeller, Auxiliary, Fuel Pump TF6530
Distributor, Fuel 6021T93G01
Adjuster, Cam Follower 4431-714
Lever, Cam Follower 4436-084
Link, Reset, Fuel Control 4436-108
Link, Reset, Fuel Control 4443-048
Adjuster, Reset Cam Follower 3684-022
Adjuster, Cam, Fuel Control 4649-010
Plunger Assembly, Pilot Valve 3378-040
Cover, Filter, Fuel Control 4061-038
Deflector, Filter, Fuel Control 4907-002
Case Assembly, Fuel Control 3005-518
Guide, Valve, Fuel Control 3415-056
Strut, Idle Reset, Fuel Control 3395-024
Body Assembly, Differential Press 4033-570
Dog, Detent, Fuel Control 4660-016
Seat, Detent Spring 3188-038
Sleeve, Filter Bypass 3294-080
Plunger, Filter, Bypass Valve 3366-022
Plunger, Pressure Valve 3180-056
Cap, Pressure Valve 3334-024
Seat, Pressure Valve 3420-044
Seat, Pressure Valve 3473-050
Diaphragm, Sensor, Fuel Control 3059-324
Lever, Reset, Fuel Control 4473-030
Lever, Cam Follower Adjusting 4412-058
Fitting, Tach Body, Fuel Control 3555-074
Fitting, Tach Body, Fuel Control 4184-516
Spring Assembly, Pilot Valve 3018-176
Seat, Pilot Valve Bearing 3311-072
Link, Reset Piston, Fuel Control 3886-028
Plate Retaining, Fuel Control 4783-026
Housing Subassy 1439-563353
Block 99-2187
Piston Assembly, Fuel Control 3580-042
Arm, Follower 928C579P1
Stop Switch, Float 3525249-3
Plate, Pressure 397517
Carrier, Fuel Pump 102-1573
Parts Kit, Valve Float 2722137
Plunger, Filter, Fuel 52-01255-2
Filter Element, Fluid AB900F6Y5
Housing And Valve Assembly, Fuel 2652909
Shroud Assembly, Valve Float 2721780
Strut, Plate, Fuel Control 3569-072
Cam, Ignition Switch, Fuel Control 3031-005
Driver, Rotor Coupling 4601-046
Coupling, Rotary, Fuel Control 4601-048
Cover, Transducer Housing 3886-030
Lever, Feedback, Fuel Control 4421-064
Lever, Feedback, Fuel Control 4436-092
Dog, Detent, Fuel Control 3152-034
Adjuster Assembly, Rack Roller, Fu 4436-098
Block Assembly, Speed Adjusting, F 3657-012
Clamp, Speed Adjuster Screw 3657-014
Sleeve Assembly, Servo, Fuel Contr 3035-094
Plate, Damper, Fuel Control 3431-040
Clamp, Feedback Cam, Fuel Control 3897-030
Block, Spring Seat, Fuel Control 3746-028
Cam, Rack Backup, Fuel Control 3039-648
Piston Assembly, Fuel Control 3316-036
Spring And Seat, Fuel Control 3018-192
Plunger, Tach, Fuel Control 3377-040
Sleeve, Sensor, Fuel Control 3443-058
Adjuster, Rig, Fuel Control 4420-528
Brace, Sensor, Fuel Control 3854-030
Cap, Dust, Fuel Control 3997-028
Case, Gas Turbine, Fuel Control 4033-571
Shaft Driver And Bearing Assembl 22908
Seat Assembly, Valve 187068
Cover, Aneroid Housing 187116
Piston, Fuel Control 187129
Plate, Diaphragm Ret 191404
Housing Assembly, Control 365393
Spacer, Regulator 365809
Plate, Retainer 6735606

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