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Gas Turbines And Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving; And Components - FSC 2840

Compressor And Turbine Rotors; Blades; Combustion Chamber; Accessory Gear Box; Afterburner; Exhaust Cone; Reservoirs, Hydraulic; Tank, Oil.
Last Modified: Dec 04, 2020

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Vane Assembly, Compressor, Aircraf 6731014
Insulator AC27-106
Strainer, Scavenger 6731933
Nozzle, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turb 6741439
Cover, Air E, Tractio 127C650-1
Breather Assy 303D138
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Air 508E474
Duct, Exhaust, Aircraft Gas Turbin 202-42100
Power Amplifier 100124-102
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 6018T49G02
Shroud Segment, Turbine, Aircraft 6018T46G05
Spacer, Fan Vane, Aircraft Gas Tur 6018T14G01
Case, Fan, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 6021T32G01
Shaft, Radial Drive 5018T04G03
Housing, Flanged, Bearing 4017T43P09
Housing, Flanged, Bearing 4107T43P12
Housing, Bearing, Front Axis 4017T49P01
Housing, Bearing, Rear Axis 4017T63P01
Screen Assembly, Bearing 4020T19G02
Support, Inner Nozz 6019T89G10
Seal, Air Balance P 6019T90G03
Link, Aft Engine Mount 5023T22G01
Retainer, Duplex Bearing 4048T99P01
Shroud Assembly, Tu 6020T03G01
Shroud Assembly, Tu 6020T00G01
Shroud Assembly, Tu 6020T01G01
Arm, Actuator 5026T46G01
Spinner, Inner, For 5024T33P02
Plate, Stiffener, Pyl 4027T30G01
Panel, Fan Pylon 6020T24G01
Pylon, Nose, Power Ta 6018T73G02
Duct, Segment, Fan 6020T25G01
Strut, Drain 6018T71G03
Frame, Fan Nozzle 6018T66G02
Cone Segment, Splitter, Fan Discha 6018T57G01
Plate, Support, Seal 3023T35P01
Cone Segment, Splitter, Fan Discha 6018T57G08
Tie Rod, Fan Casing 5023T17G02
Link, Fail Safe 4037T76G01
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 5026T57P01
Bracket Assembly, Gearbox 4025T01G01
Retainer, Seal 4018T58P01
Support, Duplex Bearing 4036T28P01
Support, Bearing, Power Takeoff 5013T97P01
Retainer, Radial Bearing, Power Ta 4017T89P01
Nozzle, Lubricating, Single Jet 4023T69G04
Nozzle, Lubricating, Single Jet 4023T69G07
Nozzle, Lubricating, Single Jet 4023T69G03
Nozzle, Lubricating, Single Jet 4023T69G02
Nozzle, Lubricating, Single Jet 4023T69G01
Key, Anti-rotation 3022T64P01
Shield Sector, Balance Piston 4024T53G01
Housing, Sump 6018T02G01
Plate, Cooling 5021T77P01
Baffle, Blade, Turbine 4029T96P02
Retainer, Shroud 4028T32P01
Seal, Transition 6016T72G10
Seal, Stator, Nozzle 3020T42P06
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 5027T02G04
Retainer, Blade, Turbine 5024T90P01
Cap And Adapter, Oil 5026T19P01
Splitter, Nose, Manif 6020T31G01
Seal, Carbon 5021T98P01
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Air 5023T23G05
Bracket Assembly, Tube 6862053
Bracket Assy, Turbine 6862054
Bracket Assembly, Tube 6862055
Bracket Assembly, Tubing 6862056
Bracket Assembly, Tubing 6862058
Bracket Assembly, Tubing 6862061
Bracket Assembly, Tubing 6862062
Bracket Assembly, Tubing 6862071
Bracket Assembly, Tubing 6862072
Housing Seal Oil Pu 6864967
Bracket Assy, Mounting 6865682
Separator, Air-oil 4027T19P01
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 5023T64P04
Shaft, Drive, Fan-fa 6019T43G05
Bracket Assembly 593688
Pulley Assembly, Nec 1601356-1
Guide, Combustion Chamber, Turbine 716713
Seal, Air, Ring, Tubin 726360
Compressor Rotor, Axial-centrifug 2-100-170-06
Housing, Duplex Bearing 4023T47P02
Housing, Bearing 5017T64P02
Housing, Duplex Bearing 4017T67P02
Ring Segment, Shroud 4037T15P01
Ring Segment, Shroud 4037T16P01
Ring Segment, Shroud 4037T17P01
Ring Segment, Shroud 4037T18P01
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 2018T05P08
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 5023T59P02
Seal, Carbon, Bearing 3614-3659A
Cap, Total Temperature And Pressu 3024T64G01
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 4019T60G01
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 5025T33P03
Cover, Anti-icing Gallary 2-160-298-01
Bracket, Front Compressor 504402
Bracket, Flat 504404
Housing, Gearbox, Turbine Engine 867890-2

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