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Gas Turbines And Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving; And Components - FSC 2840

Compressor And Turbine Rotors; Blades; Combustion Chamber; Accessory Gear Box; Afterburner; Exhaust Cone; Reservoirs, Hydraulic; Tank, Oil.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Case And Vane Assembly, Compresso 6846947
Case, Combustion Chamber, Aircraft 6842689
Flameholder, Afterburner, Turbine 6002T47P01
Nozzle, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turb 6000T82P01
Blade, Compressor Rotor, Turbine E 634E592P8
Liner, Diffuser Component, Aircraf 6783834P020
Liner, Diffuser Component, Aircraf 6783834P010
Spacer, Turbine Nozzle Assembly, A 612A307P7
Duct And Nozzle Ass 483600
Support, Inner Body 6827752
Bracket, Flat 3008M41P1
Bracket, Mounting 311D679G1
Cover Assy, Oil Pump 6841982
Support, Bearing, Aircraft Gas Tur 6842678
Coupling, Compressor Shaft Adapte 6875943
Bolt Assy, Turbine To Compressor- 6844778
Nut Assy, Turbine En 594981
Nut Assy, Turbine En 594982
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 1-130-094-02
Plate, Mounting Stra 231742
Duct, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tur 790040
Plate, Retaining Tub 500508
Plate, Oil Tank Reta 500511
Bracket, Ignition Exciter, Turbine 500287
Bracket, Ignition Exciter 500289
Bracket, Ignition Exciter, Turbine 500291
Tube Assy, Metal 500284
Bracket Assembly, Tube, Oil Cooler 500432
Bracket Assy, Angle 491331
Bracket Assembly, Case, Diffuser 499735
Rod, Turbine Fastnr 492380
Spacer, Compressor Rotor 528017
Compressor, Aircraft Gas Turbine 712670
Blade Set, Compressor, Aircraft Ga 506322
Case, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turbin 504992
Retainer, Vane Assembly, Aircraft 6844619
Damper, Turbine Front Bearing 6844649
Blade, Turbine Rotor, Aircraft Gas 6875243
Spacer, Turbine Rotor, Aircraft Ga 6846939
Support Liner, Two P 6843949
Seal Ring, Labyrinth, Aircraft Gas 6844614
Seal Ring, Labyrinth, Aircraft Gas 6897646
Adapter, Turbine Coupling 6844756
Insulation Blanket, Thermal, Aircr BL-16013
Ring, Internal Splin 6829074
Lock Ring, Retaining 6841048
Bracket Assy, Thermo 6842597
Spacer, Turbine Shaft, Turbine Eng 6842633
Spacer, Turbine Rotor, Aircraft Ga 6842633P002
Spacer, Turbine Rotor, Aircraft Ga 6842633P004
Spacer, Turbine Rotor, Aircraft Ga 6842633P006
Lock Ring, Turbine Blade 6843872-6
Seal, Metallic, Aircraft Gas Turbi 6844140
Sleeve, Vent Tube Se 6844608
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 6844620
Bracket, Ignition Exciter, Turbine 500293
Support Assembly, Ignition, Gas Tu 500309
Support Assembly, Ig 500306
Bracket, Ignition Exciter, Turbine 500292
Bracket, Ignition Exciter, Turbine 500294
Cover, Oil Tank 500961
Rotor, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turbi 506979
Housing, Bearing Seal 1-060-127-03
Cup, Locking, Compressor Bearing 1-060-125-01
Sleeve, Compressor, Bearing 1-060-122-01
Case And Vane Assembly, Compresso 502337
Cover Assy, Accessor 6846215
Cover, Scavenge Pump 6846569
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Air 6846935
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 619E373G13
Insert Assy, Passage 6842858
Guide, Oil Filter 2-080-174-01
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 6844627
Expander, Seal Ring 6844636
Expander, Seal Ring 6844647
Bracket Assy, Thermocouple Harnes 6845301
Plate, Turbine Rotor 6846052
Plate, Turbine Rotor 6846053
Plate, Turbine Rotor 6846062
Cover Plate, Seal 6846063
Fitting Assembly, Vent 6846213
Plate, Turbine Rotor 6846311
Seal Ring, Split 6846199
Seal Ring, Split 6846198
Strut Cap Assy, Outer 516D252G2
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 516D930G15
Turbine Assembly, Aircraft Gas Tu 52E173-1
Shield, Heat, Aircraft Gas Turbine 868C746P1
Shield, Heat, Aircraft Gas Turbine 5017M40G01
Retainer, Spring, Oil 200414-2
Rod, Turbine Rear Be 470034
Bracket, Valve, Anti-icing 467298
Hub, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Turb 698999
Tube, Air Pressure, C 452144
Support, Sc 505683
Shield, Electric Connector 5001T81P01
Bracket Assy, Shield 3003T29P01
Deflector, Turbine Nozzle 1-110-101-03
Plate, Cover U527909
Cushion, Front Oil Tank 500259

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