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Gas Turbines And Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving; And Components - FSC 2840

Compressor And Turbine Rotors; Blades; Combustion Chamber; Accessory Gear Box; Afterburner; Exhaust Cone; Reservoirs, Hydraulic; Tank, Oil.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing Assembly, Nts 6826907
Cover Assy, Nts Actu 6826908
Shaft, Negative Torq 6827284
Rod, Turbine Exhaust 460626
Rod, Turbine Exhaust 460627
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 475426
Cover, Oil Tank 475651
Boss, Fan Inlet Case 478785
Plate, Component Mounting, Aircraf 478806
Plate, Mounting, Cabl 477455
Shroud, Compressor, Aircraft Gas T 483766
Plate, Mounting, Flow 483850
Bracket, Flowmeter, Turbine Engine 483852
Bracket Assembly, Thermocouple, Tu 484341
Bracket Assy, Fuel M 483260
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Air 822612
Bracket, Flowmeter, Turbine Engine 483699
Cover, Plain 478972
Shaft, Support, Torquemeter 6859367
Plug, Shaftgear 934A269P2
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 484419
Tube, Lube 4001T89P01
Seal, Metallic, Aircraft Gas Turbi 6846359
Cushion, Oil Tank Lower 479203
Case, Fan, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 738624
Duct, Diffuser Case, Aircraft Gas 488567
Spacer, Compressor S 478779
Duct, Fan, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 488220
Bracket Assembly, Case, Airflow Du 502344
Bracket Assembly, Tube, Oil Pressu 504265
Seat, Compressor Fro 468668
Pin, Compressor Fron 468661
Turbine Rotor, Turbine Engine 693138
Blade Set Turbine Rotor, Turbine 693541
Bracket Assy, Turbin 699640
Support Assy, Bearin 695908
Support Assy, Bearin 695911
Engine, Aircraft, Turbo-shaft 1-000-080-04
Case, Turbine Exhaus 695912
Spacer, Turbine Air 777883CL2
Spacer, Turbine Air 501013CL2
Spacer, Trubine Air 777883CL5
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 501015CL1
Spacer, Turbine Air 501015CL2
Spacer, Turbine Air 501015CL3
Retainer, Igniter Co 3001T90P01
Synchronizing Ring, Augmentor Exh 4000T72P01
Shroud, Front Frame, Aircraft Gas 4001T49P01
Support Assy, Drain 4002T27G01
Shield, Heat, Aircraft Gas Turbine 4002T43P01
Cover, Sump, Front Fr 4002T55P01
Bar, Snubber, Afterburner 4002T59P01
Bar, Snubber, Afterburner 4002T58P02
Bar, Snubber, Afterburner 37B201542P107
Bar, Snubber, Afterburner 37B201542P108
Support, Identification 4002T92P01
Shield, Heat, Air Imp 5000T65P01
Vane, Variable, Front 5000T81P01
Duct, Leakage, Stage8 5001T27P01
Tube Assy, Afterburn 4001T07P01
Housing And Stator 5611-017
Liner, Torch Igniter 639E535G1
Plug, Nozzle, Torch I 867C409P2
Vane, Fan, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 1-110-192-11
Plate Assy, Splice 596384
Plate Assy, Ejector 596385
Support Assy, Ejecto 596380
Support Assy 594993
Support Assy, Restar 569782
Bracket Assembly, Manifold 575140
Shield, Heat, Aircraft Gas Turbine 567411
Lock, Compressor Blade, Aircraft G 571843
Bracket, Fairing, Fan Duct 593726
Lug, Wiring, Bearing 532120
Plate, Oil Tank Cov 2000T58P01
Adapter 6002T01P32
Collector, Oil Bearing 37C311077P101
Blade And Disk Assy 610403
Blade Set, Fan, Aircraft Gas Turbi 611333N10
Tank, Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Ga 52000-106
Parts Kit, Scavenge 488L109G3
Vane, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tur 421661
Shaft, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turbi 37C311035G005
Parts Kit, Oil Tankx U528365
Sleeve, By Pass Valve 6723204-1
Case, Combustion Chamber, Turbine 6000T59G01
Guide, Duct, Combusti 493361
Support, Cable 3900T24P01
Deflector, Turbine Nozzle 1-110-164-02
Support, Deflector, Turbine Nozzle 1-110-165-01
Case, Axial Compressor, Turbine En 1-100-070-05
Case, Centrifugal Compressor, Turb 1-100-090-07
Plug, Oriface 6828462P001
Plug, Oriface 6828462P002
Hub, Compressor Rotor, Turbine Eng 473479
Plate, Seal Compress 502522
Blade, Fan, Aircraft Gas Turbine E 37E500196P118
Blade, Fan, Aircraft Gas Turbine E 37E500196P103
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 6808638
Case And Vane Assembly, Compresso 495121

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