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Gas Turbines And Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving; And Components - FSC 2840

Compressor And Turbine Rotors; Blades; Combustion Chamber; Accessory Gear Box; Afterburner; Exhaust Cone; Reservoirs, Hydraulic; Tank, Oil.
Last Modified: Oct 20, 2020

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Body, Sensor Temperature 4033-578
Seat, Sensor Valve 3512-056
Shaft, Rotary Pump 35-79501-2022-3
Cover, Shipping, Mount PK1493
Cover, Shipping Oil PK1495
Nozzle, Spray Manifold 4029T28P01
Nozzle, Lubricating, Aircraft Gas 4020T06G01
Separator, Air-oil 5022T17P01
Shroud, Turbine 6021T36G04
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 246741P5
Tube Assy, Compensat 867807-1
Tube Assy, Fluid Pas 868006-1
Washer Set 865234-1
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 901267
Band, Tube Marker, Rh 1-160-583-01
Band, Marker Tube, Ri 1-160-582-01
Seal, Forward, Combus 1-130-094-01
Spacer, Compressor Rotor, Aircraft 456287
Valve, Oil Cooler 8SN106
Engine, Aircraft, Turbo-shaft 2-001-020-01
Blade, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tu 9654M48P18
Pin, Bearing Seal 503574
Vane, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tur 6868825
Vane, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tur 6868826
Baffle, Turbine Case, Turbine Engi 712475
Seal, Air, Turbine, 673944
Case, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turbin 712476
Nozzle, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turb 709451CL13
Baffle, Turbine Case, Turbine Engi 697245
Frame, Turbine Inner Stage 6869816
Seal, Turbine, Inner Stage 6860180
Seal, Turbine, Oute 6860195
Thread Lock, Insert 865032-3
Sleeve Bushing 563148
Vane Segment, Compressor, Aircraft 704171
Retainer, Power Sect 865057-1
Retainer, Bearing, Tu 865087-2
Retainer, Power Sect 865228-1
Retainer, Power Sect 865230-1
Strip, Afterburner C 441740
Plate, Component Mounting, Aircraf 576838
Spacer, Compressor Rotor, Aircraft 542028
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 1-080-250-10
Cover, Engine Protective 000649335-98177
Vane Assembly, Compressor, Aircraf 1-100-310-08
Boss Assembly 1-130-230-01
Plate, Seal 1-130-119-02
Plate, Seal 1-130-121-02
Plate, Seal 1-130-136-01
Seal, Metallic, Aircraft Gas Turbi 5040T73P01
Nozzle, Lubricating, Aircraft Gas 4000T24P01
Shield, Shaft Radial 4001T63P01
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 108R967G4
Sleeve, Housing 6842974
Bearing Compressor 229607
Support Assembly 611278
Clamp Assy, Combustion 477800
Connector Assembly 37C300331P106
Vane, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tur 424852
Vane, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tur 424853
Seal, Air, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 426554
Rotor, Turbine, Aircraft Gas Turbi 6844065
Pad, Antichafing, Oil U528008
Vane Assembly, Compressor, Aircraf 426592
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Air 6705112P020
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Air 6723139P015
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Air 6723139P020
Lock, Afterburner Nozzle Cylinder 490419
Nozzle, Lubricating, Aircraft Gas 3002T03P01
Strainer Element As 471992
Plate, Reinforcing, B 478427
Housing, Oil Strainer 480328
Vane, Compressor, Aircraft Gas Tur 479050
Diffuser, Aircraft Gas Turbine En 6842873
Adapter, Seal 1358C33
Case, Augmentor, Aircraft Gas Turb 37C311084G003
Seal, Metallic, Aircraft Gas Turbi 4002T20P02
Dome Assy, Front Fra 4003T52G01
Shield, Heat, Aircraft Gas Turbine 37E500157G003
Filter, Bleed, Torquemeter 1-020-157-02
Frame, Front, Aircraft Gas Turbine 6000T92P01
Lever, Pressure Cont 510215
Nipple Assy, Tube 37B200280P101
Pointer Assy, Vane Position 578C822G3
Case, Centrifugal Compressor, Turb 6821510
Shaftgear Assembly 6842704
Bracket Assembly, Fi 6794092
Bracket Assembly, Fi 6793988
Bracket Assembly, Fi 6829334
Bracket Assembly 6829314
Clamp Assembly, Filt 6794093
Clamp Assembly, Filt 6794094
Bracket Assembly, Angle 6805793
Baffle Assembly 6792565
Ring Assembly 6788945
Hook Bolt 3003-175
Plate, Engine Rear M 6829546
Housing, Reduction Gear, Aircraft 6843665
Flange, Bearing Gen 6792941
Rod, Link, Control 6815948

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