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Gas Turbines And Jet Engines; Non-aircraft Prime Mover, Aircraft Non-prime Mover, And Components - FSC 2835

Airflow Deflectors; Combustion Chambers, Compressors, Turbines, Accessory Gear Boxes And Their Components.
Last Modified: Sep 26, 2020

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Stop, Control Shaft 405773
Shaft, Control 407488
Cam, Speed Adjustmen 407537
Cover, Subassembly 407499
Roller, Cam Follower 405731
Piston, Buffer 405734
Lever, Speed Droop 405795
Link, Speed Droop 406879
Seat, Speeder Spring 406369
Adapter Assembly 407175
Plate, Pump 406207
Cover, Drain 406883
Cover, Governor 405769
Cover, Bypass Valve 405770
Plunger, Bypass Valv 405762
Drive, Ballhead 406367
Shaft, Drive 406368
Flyweight, Governor 196200
Ballhead, Governor 406366
Coupling, Governor 406225
Shaft, Governor 3389-043
Coupling, Pump 3519-018
Clamp, Plug 407178
Plate, Pump 407479
Pressure Plate, Gove 407478
Case, Pump 4034-081
Cap, Filler And Dip W3874
Cap, Filler And Dip W3875
Adapter, Assembly W3802
Strainer Assembly N3803
Chafing Strip 105B3310P10
Chafing Strip 105B3310P11
Chafing Strip 105B3310P12
Tank, Oil, Engine L11389G01
Segment, Turbine 111R603P14
Strip Seal, Turbine 111R603P17
Segment, Turbine 11R603P20
Strip Seal, Turbine 111R603P21
Boss, Turbine 111R603P22
Cross, Turbine 3010M51G1
Cushion, Oil, Turbine 3015M80P01
Strap, Turbine 636E636G01
Strap, Turbine 636E636G02
Cushion, Oil, Turbine 3015M80P03
Cushion, Oil, Turbine 3015M80P07
Race, Turbine 712B142P2
Race And Roller, Tur 518D185P3
Shaft, Turbine Tacho 577C884G1
Housing, Shaft Turbi 518D161G1
Housing, Bearing, Tur 875C111P2
Cover, Turbine 516D874P2
Support, Bearing Tur 105B1938P1
Retainer, Turbine 133A1660P1
Disk, Turbine, Turbine Engine L13051P01
Disc, Turbine 108R752P5
Frame, Turbine 111R100G7
Liner, Turbine, Inner L10055G02
Liner, Turbine, Rear L10054P02
Liner, Turbine L10057G02
Casing Assembly, Tur 643E424G7
Insert, Turbine 111R617P04
Cushion, Turbine 3015M80P04
Cushion, Oil, Turbine 3015M80P05
Plate, Turbine 3015M81G01
Cushion, Oil, Turbine 3015M80P02
Nozzle Assembly, Oil 106C5124G1
Connector, Turbine 665E129G4
Connector, Turbine 665E129G5
Connector, Turbine 665E129G6
Connector, Turbine 665E130G3
Main Crank Assembly 518D169G2
Tie Bar, Turbine 105B6302P2
Mount, Turbine L10393P01
Adapter, Turbine 696D376P1
Extension, Turbine 3010M80P1
Housing, Turbine 705B497P6
Casing, Turbine 3010M83P1
Cover, Turbine 3001M31P1
Cover, Plate, Turbine 3001M37P1
Cover, Strut, Turbine L11492G01
Shroud, Vane, Turbine 515D877P3
Shroud, Vane, Turbine 515D878P5
Casing Assembly, Tur L13028G01
Disc, Turbine Stage 108R964P3
Liner, Turbine 111R617P01
Gusset, Turbine 111R617P03
Liner, Turbine, Inner 111R617P05
Screen, Turbine 106C2604G4
Vane, Turbine L10062B01
Adapter, Turbine 696D393G01
Adapter, Turbine 708B738P2
Adapter, Turbine 3010M23P1
Manifold, Turbine L10853G01
Cushion, Oil, Turbine 3015M82P01
Nozzle Assembly, Tur 111R545G7
Shroud, Turbine 518D151G3
Housing, Turbine 5001M58G1
Slinger, Oil, Turbine 133A1967P2
Shaftgear, Turbine 516D875P1
Nozzle Assembly, Tur 875C109G1

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