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Steam Engines, Reciprocating; And Components - FSC 2820

Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

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Pin, Governor Weight 18
Ring 9
Pipe, Steam M7468-291
Cylinder M7468-287
Rod 7468-48
Ring 7468-48
Piston Assembly 7468-48
Piston Assembly 7468-48
Connection, Lever Y47
Stem Assembly 17
Trip Pin Assembly Y32-33-34AB35-36-37
Pin Assembly Y32-33-34AB35-36-37
Case, Thrust 1
Insert 28063
Ring, Packing 19-8-167
Cove, Steam Chest 4671
Rings, Packing TM2070AX1
Roller, Tappet TM3585
Packing Ring Assy HR10151C
Ring Assembly, Packi HR10149C
Packing Ring Assy HR10177C
Worm Wheel, Turning HR50933
Piston, Steam Engine TM5483
Piston, Steam Engine LM772P
Valve Assy, Pump Hea HR10094C
Piston And Rod Assy HR10183C
Link, Tachometer 41CL
Ring TC1024WP
Packing Set, Pump A1161
Block, Crosshead HR50232
Eccentric Rod Box W HR10064C
Strap, Eccentric HR10067C1
Eccentric Assembly HR10065C
Rod, Piston HR50809
Valve, Piston HR50820
Rod, Eye 18194-8PC000818
Thrust Plate 5969-2ITEM89
Rod, Piston 18230-8PC000354
Lever, Rocker 20030-16PC000389
Liner, Valve Chest HR50917
Gib, Link Block HR50310
Rod, Piston HR50227
Liner, Bearing HR50246
Valve Stem HR10013C
Valve Stem HR10016C
Valve, Low And Mediu 18246-8PC00484
Bearing, Main Liner LM11B
Bearing Assembly, Co TM90024
Tappet, Intake Valve E95-11-2110
Body, Socket TM6575PCTM784-1LN
Body, Socket TM784-1R
Guide, E, Haust Valve LM897
Guide, Intake Valve E95-10-0290
Horse Shoe, Valve St E95-10-2290
Bearing Assembly, Ma TM11A
Cam, Intake And E, Ha TM6118BPCTM610A
Disk, Clearance Pock TM3637
Stem And Nut, Cleara TM90056
Guide, Intake Valve TM655
Bearing, Connecting LM2000BPC71
Rod, Connecting TM90027
Crankshaft TM90021
Piston Rod TM90090
Rod, Connecting TM68
Crosshead TM2000APC475A1
Rod, Connecting LM68CA1
Crosshead FM475
Head, Cylinder Top R LM631CRH
Head, Cylinder LM632CRH
Cylinder, Steam LM630C
Head, Cylinder Top L LM2000BPC631C
Head, Cylinder TM90095
Crankshaft, Engine LM10C
Head, Cylinder Top L TM631AL
Head, Cylinder Top R TM631AR
Head, Cylinder Botto TM90031
Head, Cylinder Botto TM632AR
Crosshead And Shoe TM475AANDTM476A
Cap, Bearing LM2000BPC2
Guide, Bottom E, Haus FM3127G
Guide, Top Steam Tap FM3127H
Guide, Steam And E, H TM3127A
Crosshead C6X7-14
Eccentric, Crankshaf C6X7-38
Rod, Connecting C6X7-21
Rod With Nut, Piston SAVEG17-1
Guide, Crosshead Top E65-26-1190
Body, Valve TM646B
Bearing Assembly, Wo HR10223C
Bearing Assembly, Br HR10137C
Rod, Piston HR10061C
Box Connecting, Rod E65-03-0390
Piston And Rod E65-06-1650
Cam, Intake Valve DV610DPCDV610E
Cam, E, Haust Valve DM706PCDM706
Valve, Stem, E, Haust DM663PCDM663
Guide, E, Haust Tappe E65-13-1150
Guide, E, Haust Tappe E65-13-1160
Tappet, E, Haust Valv E65-13-2350
Box, Crosshead LM68CPCFV72A

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