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Miscellaneous Ship And Marine Equipment - FSC 2090

Sails; Chain Ladders; Rope Ladders; Marine Furniture.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Top, Chart Table 805-921996REVGGP1-6
Top, Chart Table 805-921996REVGGP2-5
Top, Chart Table 805-921996REVGGP11
Top, Chart Table 805-921996REVGGP10
Top, Chart Table MIL-F-902
Top, Chart Table 805-921996REVGGP3-4-7-8
Window, Heated, Elect KS6956REVC
Window, Heated, Elect KS7858PC1T05-8T035-37-40
Arm, Windshield Wiper KS6556PC505-553
Repair Kit, Roll, Pneumatic D4282PT4282-5A
Locker-berth Submarine 3306-1478294REVA
Berth And Locker 3306-1478294REVBRH
Berth, Shipboard 805-1409485PC11-29
Shore, Damage Control, Adjustable MILS23965
Shore, Damage Contro, Adjustable MIL-S-23965MODEL3-5
Bag, Document Sinking 805-1641047PC1T06
Arm, Windshield Wiper AC1164-16
End Bar Assembly EL06-002-111
Bulwark Assembly EL06-002-163
Quick Release Assem EL06-002-112-02
Handle Assembly, Po EL06-002-112-01
Welding Jig, Pontoon Assembly Ang MILP19380
Bulwark Fabric Assembly V-06-002-114
Seat, Individual Drivers A10870DREVA
Belt, Safety 0895900
Frame Assembly, Seat 1087003
Angle Spreader 1028100
Strap, Spreader 1288000
Backer Assembly 1087001
Blade, Windshield Wiper 56-6
Arm, Heated KS8391PC693
System Protector 751
Seat, Marine 8788C
Window, Heated, Electrical KS4522IM4GLS
Pipe Assembly 13302
Table, Chart 805-921996REVG
Table, Chart 805-921996REVG
Table, Chart 805-921996REVG
Table, Chart 805-921996REVG
Scratcher 13211E3294
Brush And Spring Assembly 14-19345-01
Blade Assembly 14 99174 23
Blade Assembly 14-99174-31
Arm Drive Assembly 14-99301-06
Locker, Stowage 805-1648663
Roller, Launching Pontoon 889663JT15
Fuel Cell, Self Sealing 37960
Safoam SK1830 11
Fitting, Fuel Cell L46128-11
Cover, Gear Housing WP2S
Arm, Windshield Wiper WA101
Window, Heated, Electrical KS11665
Glass, Heated Electr KS11658
Equipment Set, Operating 45F3013FLT1
Equipment Set, Operating LCM8M0D0FLT1
Equipment Set, Operating LCM8M0D1FLT2
Equipment Set, Operating 7010FLT2
Equipment Set, Operating 6013FLT1
Equipment Set, Operating 7011FLT1
Locker, Clothing 804-1749231
Slot Heater, Wiper 153-34 INCH STROKE
Slot Heater, Wiper 1292-153ES-115ESV,25
Seat, Trimride, Standard S2367
Blade Assembly, Wiper 150
Blade, Windshield Wiper 150-20NPRN
Slot Heater, Wiper 1292-153ES-115V-15
Blade, Windshield Wiper C1100-10IN
Parts Kit, Wiper KIT5
Equipment Set, Operating 3004FLT1
Equipment Set, Operating 3004FLT2
Equipment Set, Operating 264B
Repair Kit, Inflatable Craft MILL17561
Repair Kit, Inflatable Craft MILL17561
Rack, Magazine 730869PC1
Tank, Water 2600811
Window, Heated, Elect KS5693APC6
Window, Heated KS16428CITEM8J
Window, Heated, Electrical KS4474EPT1
Locker, Chronometer S2407-475127TYPEA
Locker, Chronometer S2407-475127TYPEB
Rod, Push C8004-02-002FN17
Window, Electrically KS4474EPT3
Food Tray, Invalids S3701-921632
Bed, Adjustable MIL-F-902
Panel, Armor 536A047-100-101
Arm, Windshield Wiper 14-99301-07
Replacement Kit, Til 536A047-102-101
Window, Heated, Electric 16428CITEM8A
Window, Heated, Electrical 16428CITEM8B
Window, Heated 16428CITEM8C
Blade, Windshield Wiper 14-99174-32
Glass, Electrically Heated KS16065-1
Ladder, Jacob's 804-5959234-10FT
Ladder, Jacob's 804-5959234-15FT
Ladder, Jacob's 804-5959234 20F
Locker, Safe S3209-860212TYPE7
Locker, Safe MIL-F-243
Locker, Safe S3209-860210TYPE4
Locker, Safe NAVSEA 0910-LP-060-0500
Locker, Safe S3209-860209TYPE3

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