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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Nov 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Roller, Chock 5424103
Hook, Boat 13216E9929
Plate, Rudder 13213E5232
Keel Cooler B842X9B
Pin, Pushing Knee Assembly 6684-000
Grating Assembly, Forward Port 13213E5222
Grating Assembly, Forward Starboa 8630-22-4P
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A3
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A5
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A8
Gear Unit, Right Ang B208809
Cylinder, Strainer S77A
Chute, Material Hand 805-1749080-10F
Disc, Accumulator 858-18
Window Unit, Electrically Heated CC1071-23
Window Unit, Electrically Heated CC1071-24
Window Unit, Electrically Heated CC1071-25
Window Unit, Electrically Heated CC1071-26
Window Unit, Electrically Heated CC1071A27
Window Unit, Electrically Heated CC1071A30
Clamp, Probe 2643118
Windlock, Roller Doo 4KWL
Windlock, Roller Doo 4KWR
Endlock 4KPC4KL
Endlock 4KPC4K
Housing P1499-1
Head, Outer 3196690PCALL
Rack Assy, Altiscope P2962-3
Rack P2962-7
Rack, Prism Tilt P2962-8
Face Plate P2841REVASH3PCP2862-1
Handle P2844-1
Head Assy, Skeleton P2852-1
Magazine Assy, Ray F P2841REVASH1PCP1511-8
Rack P2839-3
Rack Face P2848-5
Chock, Rope, Open 133242PC8
Window, Head P2868PCP2868-1
Prism, Head P1252-2
Rudder And Stock 230M2200-3AND230M2200-4
Lens Assembly, Peris B576PC10-11-45-46
Piston Assy 1007020PC1007026
Lever, Hand 490389ALT20PCE
Bracket, Mounting 8630-48-13F3-16
Assembly Plate, End 6139111 FIND 38
Rudder, Marine A0143S1108H1231939
Rudder, Marine 517350ALT5PC2
Rudder, Marine A0143S2200-1233403PC1-100
Rudder, Marine S8227 2 40-7512
Window, Fire Station CC1067 PC 3
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-1
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-11
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-12
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-13
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-14
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-15
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-16
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-17
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-21
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071-22
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A35
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A37
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A38
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A40
Window, Heated, Elect CC1071A41
Plate, Deck, Access 1934A
Adjuster, Window 32 9IN
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 520-2482964
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 520-4355998
Strainer, Hull Intake 8560-4
Cover, Pump Motor 8630-48-13F3-5
Hatch, Marine EL05-002-001
Window, Marine SK251REV1
Liner, Bearing, Rudde YTB774-519-2263049PC2
Roller, Door Guide 2155-104PC3
Roller, Door Guide 701-2486502PC4
End Lock Lh 29926-1LHEL
End Lock Rh 29926-1RHEL
Rudder, Main 018352-5
Rudder, Boat 022514PCM1
Rudder, Marine 025643-8
Rudder, Boat 025197
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau MILF17548SIZE36
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau S3801-1231181REVD32
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau S3801-1231181REVD38
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau S3801-1231181REVD37
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau MILF17548SIZE31
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau S3801-1231181REVD35
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau S3801-1231181
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau S3801-1231181REVD34
Strut, Rudder 5237-000
Strut, Rudder 5236-000
Fitting Hose E105018PC6
Connector, Bilge Pump 8630-48-19F6
Connector, Fle, Ible 501-2006018PC10
Plate, Pressure Antenna Transfer 26061
Block 28234
Block, Drive 28233
Driver 28275
Plate, Tie MILP19380

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