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Rigging And Rigging Gear - FSC 2020

Masts; Kingposts; Sail Booms; Shipborne Booms Not Attached To Cranes And Derricks.
Last Modified: Sep 16, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Loading Pole 712-1701642PC405
Roller, Guide 65C35430-1
Roller, Guide E104080PC8
Tensioners, Hydraulic Ram E101-285ANDE101-286
Tensioners, Hydraulic Ram E101-285ANDE101-286
Rigging Pole GT521-2024269-15
Cylinder, Hydraulic B1908SK
Cylinder, Hydraulic C-1925
Cylinder, Hydraulic C509125A
Loading Pole, Torped 709-1706236ASSY101T0103
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line C500112
Fan, Alternator 932525
Boom, Hoisting, Marine AD26S1801-512372
A-frame, Pontoon Tug MILA23987
Piston, Accumulator C108644
Cylinder, Accumulato D101390
Cylinder, Accumulato D104611
Yoke Assy 1137-475PCK3A3B3D3
Cylinder-accumulato D320448 FIND NO 2
Cylinder-ram, Upper D106387
Fender, Saddle 66269-1
Boom, Hoisting, Marine 3374-1
Drive Assy, Boom, Mar 343-2400-7
Tube 6700-755838ASSYA
Tube 6700-75538ASSYD
Gear And Rack Assem C8004-15-002FN1
Lashing Gear, Deck 803-1313817
Lashing Gear, Deck 1313819
Strongback, Boat 008497-0
Sheave Assembly AFS3-521-2445621PC1
Sheave Assembly AFS3-521-2445621PC3
Seal 415389
Pattern, Top Lift Pi H76-219-10PATTERN,TOP LIFT PIN
Sheave Assembly ASF3-521-2445621PC2
Shipping Attachment SS712-1414575
Guide, Elevator Arm 202-1405-2
Guide, Elevator Arm 202-1405-1
Roller, Elevator Piv 202-1155-1
Disc, Clutch 202-1377-1
Disc, Clutch 202-1378-1
Elevator, Receiving 202-1081-1
Elevator, Receiving 202-1081-501
Guide, Cable 202-1600-1
Roller, Carriage 202-1040-1
Retainer, Worm Gear 202-1463-1
Rod, Limit 202-1406-1
Lever, Switch 202-1396-1
Lever, Switch 202-1396-2
Striker, Elevator Ar 202-1223-1
Cable Assembly 13213E5485
Tailpiece, Torpedoe 588-701-1708957
Cable Assembly 13213E5484
Cable Assembly 13213E5491
Cable Assembly 13213E5492
Cable Assembly 13213E5488
Cable Assembly 13213E5487
Roller, Kingpost 102692-1
Roller, Kingpost 001553
Roller, Kingpost 102695-1
Roller, Guide, Kingpost 203159-1
Roller, Boom 1162452
Repair Kit, Boom Det 66534-1
Gooseneck Assembly 76TE-1701-83 DETAIL-5-A/2
Lashing Gear 75M/1254B
Mast, Top Assembly 35-03
Mast, Main Assembly 34-01
Trolley, Spanline FF9743-01
Swivel, Topping Lift, Derrick 76TE-1701-85 DETAIL 6-A/3
Cable, Steering D300631-000-13H
Automatic Ram Contr 802-4759598
Ram Tensioner D319206-750C
Ram Tensioner D319206-1000C
Ram Tensioner D319206-895C
Kingpost 370-361-5020
Kingpost, Portable 370-361-6010-3IN
Boom, Portable 370-361-6010-5IN
Side Plate 4344027AS
Side Plate 4344027-1AS
Side Plate 4344026AS
King, Post, Portable 370-361-6010
Ram Control Sending 5746889
Ram Control Panel A 5746860
Rigging, Piston 570-5182339 PIECE 18
Rod, Piston, Hoist 75643-67X2 PIECE 1
Boom Foot Section A 76TE-1701-82 PC 41-44
Boom, Hoisting, Marine H81-57 PIECE 35
Mast Assembly 005747
Mast, Snorkel Induct 501-5923242
Cap, Closure 6501-64 ITEM 1
Guide, Block 5950263
Piston, Special E104994 FIND 3
Modulator, Special 61218
Slipper, Carriage As J-20056-000
Element, Neoprene J-10086-001
Drive Assy, Emergenc J-50214-001
Drive Installation J-50215-001
Ram Tensioner 6519096-3
Ram Tensioner 6519096-2
Ram Tensioner 6519082-0750
Ram Tensioner 6519082-1000

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