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Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers - FSC 1740

Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers Designed Primarily For Transporting Aircraft Assemblies; Trailers: Afterburner, Engine, Propeller, Fuselage, And Wing; Trucks, Aircraft Fuselage And Aircraft Wing; Skids, Engine Transport; Stands, Engine Transport; Bomb Trailers, Airfield; Trucks, Crashed Aircraft Removing.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Dust Cap, Trailer 68D6925
Bar, Sway 4012334-385P13
Support Assembly B156
Rail, Adapter Assembly 204643
Handle, Hydraulic Lift 204646
Parts Kit, Hydraulic 15147-227
Parts Kit, Hydraulic 159519
Piston And Guide As WSP11-417-6AND7
Link, Towing 104331A
Cart Assembly S6170-70081-53
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing G40E1
Stand, Transport, Engine T250303
Retractor, Weapons C 22879-60
Cable, Extension, Wea 64A114B256-1
Drawbar, Weapon Skid 64A114H282-1
Drawbar, Weapon Skid 64A114H282-2
Linkage Assembly, We 64A114D224-1
Shaft Assembly, Lifting 207779
Fitting Assembly, Re R528-10
Skid 437999
Hanger Assembly, Lifting Cradle 207940L
Hanger Assembly, Lifting Cradle 207940R
Trailer, Rail Type PDG0324
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing G75
Trailer, Aircraft Engine 65700-70016-045
Retractor, Weapons Cradle 100012-11
Retractor, Weapon Cradle 22879-59
Strap Assembly 64A114H300-3
Trailer, Aircraft Engine 5380-010
Trailer, Ground Handling 1C5719G02
Trailer, Ground Handling 1C5722G02
Trailer, Aircraft Engine TR39-1
Retainer, Plate 59B45109-2
Support, Deck Panel 58C46269-1
Dolly Assembly Y63-315880-205
Strap Assembly 62A81D10-2
Strap Assembly 64A114H300-2
Adapter, Missile Gui 204513-801
Arbor Post 3400845-1
Band Assy, Weapon 123B42053-3
Adapter, Aft Fuselag K5559629-501
Lunette And Plunger 622134-1
Sleeve Assy, Trailer 622160
Tool Box, Trailer 66J9869
Dolly, Propeller 63A118
Trailer, Ground Handling R513-10
Collar, Support Assembly R571
Rod Assembly, Dolly R523
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing MIL-T-38454
Dolly, Propeller 834930-101
Skid Weapon, Aero 64A114H8-5
Drawbar Assembly 64A114J220-2
Trailer, Ground Handling 200-000-101
Skid, Weapons 64A114H1-3
Drawbar, Surge Actuator, Hydraulic 7140324-10
Chain Assembly, Engi 7839309
Skid, Shipping And Storage, Engine 9404M87G01
Clamp, Engine Cowling Trailer F310008
Cable Assy, Elec, Tra 11127
Glass, Vehicular 70-21-175
Vent Assembly, Tract 70-50-1
Vent Assembly, Tract 70-50-2
Trailer, Ground Handling X57SCJ18136
Box Assembly, Trailer F52638-54
Channel, Adapter 1564369-1
Trailer, Transportat 63A92D1-1
Cone, Engine Mount 343714
Trailer, Munitions 67A314F100
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing MILT26025
Crossmember, Engine 402579-3
Drawbar, Ammunition 5349-1
Rail, Main, Trailer 5349-6878
Cleat, Rail Extension 5349-6877
Roller, Rail, Trailer 5349-6911
Trolley, Munitions Trailer 5349-6873
Stop Assembly, Chock 5349-6912
Rail Assembly, Extension 5349-4875
Insert, Rail Extension 68B6934-1
Insert, Rail Extensi 5349-6934-2
Clamp, Cradle, Engine 12A7440-9
Arm, Pivot, Engine Support 12A7443-9
Fitting, Aircraft Engine Trailer U533950
Pad, Foot U533746
Pin Assembly, Mounting U533745-4
Lid, Storage Box U534032
Strap Assy, Engine F52638-134
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing MILT26023
Fork Assembly, Adapter 65700-70025-042
Fork Assembly, Adapter 65700-70025-043
Tube And Fitting Assembly 65700-70025-045
Tube Assy, Rotating 65700-70025-046
Shaft, Adapter 65700-70025-145
Trailer, Ground Handling 66T0GD475
Plunger, Adapter 65700-70025-149
Tube, Slide, Adapter 65700-70025-151
Fitting, Fork 65700-70025-155
Mount, Adapter 65700-70025-123
Bracket, Aircraft Engine Adapter 65700-70028-101
Bracket, Aircraft Engine Adapter 65700-70028-102
Pin, Aircraft Traile U533949

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