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Aircraft Landing Gear Components - FSC 1620

Shock Struts And Components; Installation Elements, Such As Torsion Bars, Vibration Links, Drag Struts; Landing Gear Trunions, Axles And Shimmy Dampeners; Specially Designed Hydraulic Power Steering System Components.
Last Modified: Sep 26, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing, Gearbox, Kneel System 42252R20
Housing, Gearbox, Kneel System 42252R21
Lever Assembly A305709
Cylinder Landing Ge 123L10018-501
End Plate, Power St 3863009-1
Tube, Trunnion, Landing Gear 12L10040-725
Drag Brace, Landing Gear 123SCL5003-1
Drag Brace, Landing Gear 2578075-1
Drag Brace, Landing Gear 123SCL5001-2
Landing Gear, Retractable 9755KL
Spacer, Solenoid A4503-13
Lever Bracket Assy A4503-33
Cover, Control A4503M7-12
Panel, Plastic A4503M7-22
Roller, Launch Bar A51G9008-1
Landing Gear, Retractable 2579167-02A
Pointer, Kneeling Position 9037265-01
Float Kit, Landing Gear 206-706-035-1
Flange, Landing Gear K641240-11
Cylinder, Strut Assy 2579032
Piston Assembly 2579035
Guide, Metering Pin 2571648
Pin, Trunnion 2579039
Collar, Steering 2579047
Fitting, Actuator 2571650
Brace Assy, Upper 2579053
Lock Link Assembly 2579090
Fitting, Actuator 2579103
Pin Assembly, Upper 2579104
Cylinder, Strut Assy 2578145
Piston Assy, Strut 2579120
Collar-swivel Strut 2578175
Collar-swivel Strut 2578176
Fitting Assy, Jack 2580652
Arm Assembly, Torque 2578183
Arm Assembly, Torque 2578194
Pin Assembly, Knee 2578198
Sleeve Assembly, Pin 173993
Fitting, Relief 162552
Brace Assy, Upper 2578077
Brace Assy, Lower 2578092
Lock Link Assembly 2578099
Lock Link Assembly 2578110
Latch Assembly 2578113
Latch Assembly 2578114
Pin-drag Brace, Knee 2578117
Fitting Assy, Uplock 2578118
Hook-uplock, Left 2578127
Hook-uplock, Right 2578128
Fitting 165961
Pin-lower End 2578129
Pin-lower End 2578130
Bellcrank Assembly 25741332578133
Fitting, Unlatch 2579181
Pin-lock Link 2578142
Barrel Assembly 53-690055-301
Parts Kit, Actuator GTK100589B
Shaft And Bearing, Kneel Mechanis 68428
Support, Landing Gear 12L588-1
Cap, Lock Cylinder, Main Landing G 852804-101
Plate, Hold Down 68423
Valve, Orifice, Landing Gear K641232-11
Arm Assembly, Torque, Landing Gear K641206-1
Guide, Orifice, Valve K641231-11
Cam, Upper Bearing K641211-11
Cam, Lower Bearing K641207-11
Axle, Landing Gear K641205-11
Collar, Tail Gear K641204-1
Fork, Shock Strut K641209-11
Kit, Landing Gear Ma 3402081-2
Kit, Nose Landing Gear 67A29542-10
Cylinder And Piston Assembly, Lan 14-40602-1
Cylinder And Piston Assembly, Lan 14-40602-2
Piston, Landing Gear Strut 14-40605-9
Arm Assembly, Torque, Landing Gear 14-40646-1
Trunnion Strut, Landing Systems 8852901-10
Piston, Landing Gear Strut 14-41608-1
Collar, Upper, Torque Arm, Landing 14-41611-501
Drag Link, Landing Gear 14-41672-1
Drag Link, Landing Gear 14-41673-1
Drag Link, Landing Gear 14-41672-2
Support, Landing Gear 4G12039-101B
Drag Link, Landing Gear 4G12003-105A
Head, Piston, Landing Gear 14-40603-1
Valve, Metering, Land 14-40607-1
Parts Kit, Landing Gear, Overhaul RK0358
Tube, Orifice, Support 14-41630-1
Orifice, Landing Gear, Retractable 14-40623-1
Jack Point, Landing Gear 14-40641-1
Head, Orifice Support Tube, Landin 14-40627-1
Tube, Orifice Support, Landing Gea 14-40628-1
Bracket, Uplock Roller, Landing Ge 14-40634-1
Axle, Landing Gear 4G30002-101D
Arm, Torque, Landing Gear 14-41642-1
Orifice, Landing Gear 14-41633-1
Valve, Rebound, Landing Gear 14-41617-1
Guide, Metering Pin 14-41614-1
Collar, Landing Gear 14-41681-1
Link, Retraction, Landing Gear 14-41695-1
Axle, Landing Gear 6-41639-503

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