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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Blade, Rotary Wing 114R1502-34
Bolt Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 114R3650-3
Bolt Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 114R3650-6B
Bolt Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 114R3650-11
Bolt Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 114R3650-9
Bolt Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 114R3650-7
Bolt Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 114R3650-8
Guide, Lubrication K618780-11
Bolt Assembly, Rotary Wing Head 114R3650-4
Cover And Slide Assembly 65205-09010-046
Head, Rotary Wing 114R2004-4
Head, Rotary Wing 114R2003-3
Hub, Rotary Wing Head 114R2050-17
Blade, Rotary Rudder 65160-00001-047
Transmission, Helicopter 114D2200-8
Yoke Assembly, Collective Pitch A02C3100-11
Cap, Folding Pin K610109-11
Mount, Indicator 114R1574-1
Transmission, Helico 114D1200-6
Pocket Assembly S6115-20107-10
Pocket Assembly S6115-20109-001
Nut, Spanner, Gear Box S6135-20612-1
Nut, Gear Box S6135-20622-001
Extension Assembly, 540-011-153-15
Liner, Spur Bevel Up K674871-11
Support, Sun Gear, Ge K674880-11
Pocket Assembly, Bla S6115-20163-001
Cap Assy, Lower Hous S6135-20013-003
Plate, Buffer S6135-20125-1
Piston, Torque Meter S6135-20633-1
Shield Assembly, Oil S6135-20715
Cover, Oil Shield S6135-20716-000
Cover, Oil Shield, Rear S6135-20719-4
Shield Assembly, Oil S6135-20735-2
Support, Free Wheel S6135-20745-1
Valve Assembly, Tor S6135-20770-001
Housing, Sub Assy S6135-20816-002
Housing, Main Gearbox S6135-20817-2
Plunger, Relief Valv S6135-20818-1
Sleeve, Extension 540-011-143-11
Ring, Gear Box S6135-22029-1
Retainer, Sun Gear S6135-22049-1
Jet Assy, Input Hous S6135-22059-001
Jet Assy, Bearing Re S6135-22061-1
Retainer, Gear Box S6137-23042-2
Filler Assembly, Tra F994
Cup Assembly, Oil Dr 114D5134-1
Retainer, Bearing S6135-20648-002
Retainer, Bearing S6135-20648-003
Plug, Oil Seal S6135-20656-001
Nut, Gear Box S6135-20675
Ring, Rotor Shaft S6135-20677-000
Shaft, Main Rotor S6137-23040-1
Support, Clutch Spri S6137-91402-101
Support Bearing, Tai S6137-64323-1
Plates, Matched S6135-22011-1
Slip Ring Assy DA1209C008
Bearing Retainer 107D3053-2
Support Assembly, Sp 114D6247-1
Driveshaft Subassem 114D3246-2
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter 204-011-701-11
Housing, Pump RG17588
Cover, Pump Housing RD17661
Cap Assy, Tip 65160-00009-082
Sleeve And Hub Set 34251-1
Sleeve And Hub Set 34250-1
Screen Assembly S6135-20786-1
Yoke, Trunnion S6135-20643-2
Grip Assembly, Tail 204-011-706-9
Shaft Assembly, Tail 204-040-620-5
Sleeve And Hinge S6110-23049-009
Shaft Assembly, Rota 114D3250-1
Jet, Oil, Gearbox K671754-3
Jet, Oil, Gearbox K671762-3
Jet, Oil, Gearbox K671756-3
Jet, Oil, Gearbox K671755-3
Spline Section K608001-29
Doubler, Rotor Blade K608001-31
Liner, Tail Rotor 204-010-707-5
Jet Assy, Gearbox S6135-22061-004
Support Assy, Gearbo S6135-20014-005
Retainer S6235-20208-6
Coupling, Drive RD24148
Spacer Assy RB24143
Liner, Gear RB24144
Spacer Assy RD24149
Liner, Gear RB24146
Parts Kit, Pump RA22696
Parts Kit, Pump RA22697
Cap, End-coupling Sh K674854-13
Adapter, Shaft, Trans 114D3243-1
End Cover, Shock Absorber 114H6824-1
Adapter Assembly, Transmission 114D3401-1
Sleeve And Spindle 65102-11000-106
Guard, Sprocket, Tail Rotor 205-011-701-1
Cover, Control Sprocket 205-001-763-1
Pan Assembly, Tail Rotor 205-001-762-5
Nut Assembly, Tail Rotor 212-010-718-1
Control Tube Assembly, Tail Rotor 205-012-722-1
Support, Nose Gear B 65364-12501-041

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