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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Dec 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Skin, Aircraft 53-111422-5
Skin, Aircraft 53-111422-6
Skin, Aircraft 53-111021-6
Skin, Aircraft 53-111021-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft 205-030-210-57
Support, Structural Component, Air 8B771023-31
Adapter Assembly, Vent Line Bulkh 32-581586-1
Adapter, Fuel Tank A51P30523-11
Fitting, Dashpot Attaching A51G30521-11
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92179-11
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92179-12
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92692-11
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92692-12
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92693-11
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92693-12
Cover, Latch A51B2699-11
Cover, Latch A51B92699-12
Latch Pin, Access Door A51B92507-11
Latch Pin, Access Door A51B92507-12
Cowl, Engine Gear Box 3829992-1
Sleeve, Shear Pin A51B20526-11
Cover, Vent Tank A51B99500-11
Adapter Assembly, Fuel Motive Flo A51P30524-3
Adapter Assembly, Flange And Inse A51P30525-1
Coupling Assembly, Fuel Dump A51P30503-3
Support, Hinge, Lower Speed Brake A51B91560-1
Cap, Retainer A51G30523-11
Installation Kit, Lower Torque Ki 0247-1
Former, Aircraft 32-32028-249
Former, Aircraft 32-32030-793
Spar, Aircraft 7236155-02
Spar, Aircraft 7236155-01
Skin, Aircraft 473-6013-84
Adapter, Pressure Fuel Servicing C500027-1
Cell Retainer FCD46446
Guard, Pilots Seat C310541
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51M20106-1
Clamp, Electric Assembly 216-17052-7
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B92478-11
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B92479-11
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B92478-12
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B92479-12
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B92409-11
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B92410-11
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B92410-12
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B99025-5
Door, Access, Aircraft A51B98001-401
Wing Assembly, Structure 5828701-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft 1128P41562-1
Support, Mount GS25D1
Support, Mount GS25D2
Stop, Wing Pylon 53-11074-7
Plate Assy, Mounting SS7000-43A
Pylon, Aircraft 53-73301-325
Fairing, Fan, Heat Exchanger 801387-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B99110-13
Cover, Access, Aircraft A51B99112-13
Coupling Assembly, Flange A51P20535-1
Adapter Assembly, Fuel Tank, Cross A51P20568-1
Coupling Flange Assembly A51P20575-1
Leaf Assembly, Nozzle Sealing A51B92574-1
Leaf Assembly, Nozzle Sealing A51B92574-2
Collar Assembly, Bleed Air Line A51P60488-1
Collar Assembly, Bleed Air Line A51P60488-3
Coupling Assembly, Fuel A51P20549-1
Adapter Assembly, Flange A51P30520-1
Drip Pan Assembly A51B92475-1
Drip Pan Assembly A51B92475-2
Retainer, Cover A51B96521-1
Adapter, Fuel Tank A51P20510-11
Fairing, Aircraft 4F75412-139C
Rib, Wing Section, Center 32-11024-303
Rib, Airfoil 32-11057-315
Fairing, Aircraft 215-26437-1
Screen Assembly, Heater Inlet 39-25211-1
Armor, Supplemental, Small Arms-fr 536A044-137-101
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92178-11
Panel Assembly, Fairing A51B20166-1
Panel Assembly, Fairing A51B20166-2
Cover Assembly, Fairing A51B20173-3
Cover Assembly, Fairing A51B20173-4
Cover Assembly, Fairing A51B20173-15
Cover Assembly, Fairing A51B20173-17
Cover, Access, Aircraft 3028T32P01
Support, Structural Component, Air 215-30537-1
Support, Structural Component, Air 215-30537-4
Support, Structural Component, Air 60-3513
Modification Kit, Airframe 206-704-060-1
Fairing, Aircraft 4J10048-106A
Fairing, Aircraft 4J10048-105A
Panel, Main Landing 4F75763-126A
Panel, Main Landing 4F75763-125A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F51131-101C
Cover Assembly, Wire Bundle 1512045-5
Spar, Aircraft 3-23242-506
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 4J10047-107A
Striker, Conveyor Latch 4F55185-101A
Fitting, Drive Arm Link, Crew Entr 4F73154-105A
Cover, Trim, Fuselage 4E20055-109A
Support, Structural Component, Air 4F19048-101A

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