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Airframe Structural Components - FSC 1560

Flight Control Surfaces; Internal And External Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; Exhaust Systems; Pylons, Trim Tabs; Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jan 26, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fitting Assembly, Bearing 4F75082-701A
Fairing, Aircraft 215-70050-53
Fairing, Aircraft 215-70050-54
Support, Structural Component, Air 5-96399
Fairing, Aircraft 216-20150-181
Angle, Wing Attachment 5-88792-204A
Cam Assembly, Spoiler 9-64042-6
Support, Structural Component, Air 35-29689-1
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-29698-10
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-29698-9
Skin, Aircraft 35-29698-19
Skin, Aircraft 35-29698-21
Skin, Aircraft 35-29698-22
Support, Structural Component, Air 35-29707-4
Fairing, Aircraft 35-29740-3
Fairing, Aircraft 35-29740-4
Fairing, Aircraft 35-30063-502
Fairing, Aircraft 35-30063-501
Door, Access, Aircraft 35-30063-7
Cover, Access, Aircraft 35-30063-8
Latch Cover Assembly, Lower Engin 272E5052004-50
Fitting 32-31725-4
Frame Assembly 32-31988-5
Housing Assembly 32-35250-303
Hook 53-310197-5
Hook 53-310199-5
Pylon, Aircraft 53-73301-327
Fairing Assembly 53G970157-301
Fairing Assembly 53G970171-1
Door Assembly, Boom 53-32017-45
Door Assy 53-32019-33
Door Assembly, Fuel Cell 53-32038-71
Bracket Assembly, La 32-62050-10
Nose Assembly, Pylon 53-73303-04
Link Assembly, Drive, Inner Wing S 53G970702-23
Link Assembly, Drive, Inner Wing S 53G970702-24
Pushrod Assembly, Inner And Outer 53G970720-185
Pushrod Assembly, Inner And Outer 53G970720-7
Pushrod Assembly, Inner And Outer 53G970720-9
Support, Structural Component, Air 53G970805-19
Support, Bellcrank 53G970805-2
Fitting Assembly, Actuator 53G970806-9
Fitting Assembly, Ac 53G970806-10
Fairing Installatio 53G970827-1
Fairing Installatio 53G970827-2
Fairing Installatio 53G970828-1
Fairing Installatio 53G970828-2
Fairing, Aircraft 53G970829-3
Fairing, Aircraft 53G970829-4
Bell Crank 53H970101-47
Pad, Reinforcing F305749
Fillet, Hood Air Int C271561
Fillet, Hood Air Int C271562
Panel, Inlet Duct A51B24213-16
Closure, Lower A51B92878-15
Seal Assembly A51B35073-4
Line Assembly 128P11529-5
Cover, Access, Aircraft 4E20044-113A
Plate, Structural, Aircraft 32-11174-9
Fairing, Aircraft 53G970828-19
Fairing, Aircraft 53G970828-20
Fairing, Aircraft 53G970827-19
Fairing, Aircraft 53G970827-20
Support, Structural Component, Air 39-25395-1
Hinge, Rubber 706256-1
Duct Assembly, Bleed Air 1128EC40174-1
Sleeve, Shear Pin A51B20056-1
Support, Harness GS25E7
Plate, Retainer 212-060-792-1
Pushrod Assembly, Inner And Outer 53G970720-145
Angle Spigot F303794
Adapter, Special A302663
Adapter, Special A306185
Duct Cable, Special B307207-4
Bell Crank A51G20564-1
Fitting, Support K631494-11
Fitting, Support K631493-1
Body, Actuator 975199-1
Plate, Indicator, Valve 974595-1
Cover, Diaphragm Valve 975396-1
Duct, Intake, Fixed A51B92225-11
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-17
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-19
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-21
Cover, Latch A51B92691-11
Cover, Latch A51B92691-12
Cover, Tension Latch A51B92181-11
Cover, Tension Latch A51B92181-13
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-15
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-16
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-18
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-20
Cover, Pin Latch A51B92725-22
Cover, Latch A51B92698-11
Cover, Latch A51B92698-12
Insert, Antenna Engine A51B92760-11
Anchor Plate, Torsion A51B92607-11
Panel, Structural, Aircraft A51B92259-13
Panel, Structural, Aircraft A51B92259-14
Adapter, Starter Support 4578299-1

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